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Enhance your final plastic part with colours and designs of your choice, for a high-quality finish. We have professional engineers who can advise on the most suitable process for your design.

Spray painting, pad printing, and silk screen printing are secondary processes that allow coloured designs to be added to the solidified plastic part, even to unusual plastic shapes.

Spray Painting
Suitable painting for plastic parts with a single homogenous colour, and adds a layer of protection to the parts.
Tampo Printing
Able to print 2D images onto 3D plastic parts with a variety of surfaces — convex, concave, and textured. This is a high-precision printing technique that is suitable for intricate designs and complex shapes.
Silk Screen Printing
Has a complex setup process that makes it ideal for large-scale manufacturing, as unit costs per item are lower. It can usually cater to a larger print area than pad printing, and is better-suited to flat or simpler surfaces.

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