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Get complex plastic parts at scale with high-quality overmolding processes supported by experienced engineers. ICHIPLAS has specialised in overmolding for more than a decade and has confidence in producing overmolding parts within specifications.

Overmolding is a process whereby a plastic material is molded over another material using injection molding. This creates mechanically or chemically bonded parts that improve the functional and aesthetic design of the parts.

Faster and with Competitive pricing
Reduces need for post-production assembly to enable shorter production cycles.
Tighter bonding between the materials through the overmolding process, compared to physical assembly, enhances its impact resistance and shelf life.
Custom combinations of parts can be produced, including plastic-fabric, plastic-metal, plastic-plastics and more. This allows even complex products to be made, at scale and speedily, using the overmolding process.

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